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 -  Medical Apparatus  -  SL101Y

Infrared Fast Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer

Model: SL101Y

  • Fast - less than 1 second
  • Accurate -  ≤0.3°C error no more than 0,3 degree
  • Fever alarm - ≥38°C automatic alarm at 38 degree or higher



  • Non-contact measure
    Avoid cross infection
  • Imported sensor
    ≤0.3°C Maximum temperature error of 
    measurement accuracy no more than 0.3 degree
  • No laser point
    Avoid laser damage to children's eyes
  • Green backlight temperature warning
    Convenient for night measurement 
    More direct temperature warning
  • Double 32 group memory
    Mastering the continuous change of body temperature 
    Support the clinical diagnosis of heat type
  • Fever alarm
    Humanized presupposition 
    Automatic alarm above 38°C


​Service life: Three years


Technical Data