New Product



Long-life 100mm motorized fader of 500K or 1 million cycles

Innofader Motorized of 1024 digital resolution and non-contact conductivity which can be readily calibrated to your very precise level

Miniature tact switch of 1 million life-cycle

Ball bearing controlled 360 degree potentiometer with phenomenally smooth and consistent feel.


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Upcoming Project


Under Development:

60mm motorized fader

Slim-type 100mm motorized fader

Rotary Optical Encoder with push switch









Important Notice:

Please be informed that our Dongguan Factory resumed operation on Feb 10, 2020 after our measure in prevention of Corona Virus is checked out.  Nonetheless, lockdown of some area in China rendered our workforce turnout after Chinese New Year Holiday just 50%.  Coupled with delay in suppliers’ operation which inevitably prolongs our expected material receipt day, your order delivery is likely to be affected though we will endeavor to do our best.


Help to fight COVID-19

Infrared Fast Forehead Thermometer


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